A great sample of a business plan of Matilili Farm

farm business

Company Name: Matilili firm

Our company-based work is to provide products to people in the society, hence improve their living standards in areas it operates.

Location: Nakuru

Our company is situated at Nakuru along Rongai Opposite transnational bank next to kambi ya moto in a building called standard chartered.


Our company mission is to provide quality products to individuals therefore eradicate the level of poverty, thereby improving the living standard of people in the society its situated.


To be the best agricultural entrepreneurs firm in the world.

Farming concept

The farming industry that we are aiming at is to get extended to new markets, thereby selling our products to the international markets. We intend to address the need of all individuals in the market hence sustain them at every point of need. Our firm uses the highest level of technological equipment’s, hence leading to production of quality products.

Current situation

We are a start-up in Kenya in the county of Nakuru and our members are as follows; Turere Wycliffe,Harriet soita, Irine mwikali ,Monica alindi,Yvone mery,pamella, Victoria and joel whose titles are founders and directors. Our members are to bring change   in areas of creativity,innovation,decision making and expertness respectively. We aim to deliver quality products across the world beginning from local markets up the international markets.

Success factors

The matilili firm has succeeded due to good management and coordination between employees ranging from the director down the hierarchy to the lower staff. This led to smooth working conditions in the firm. Secondly, due to the availability of well-trained personnel who are well equipped with the necessary skills required for the success of the Farm. Thirdly, the availability of capital required for the smooth running of the farming activities.

Financial situation

We seek to raise an amount of 561,000,000 million to allow our firm run without any difficulties. The financing breaking we are aiming to encounter are as follows;

Fertilizers cost ksh 60,000,000

Farming equipment’s ksh 78,000,000

Agricultural chemicals ksh 8,000,000

Labour ksh 5,000,000

Seeds ksh 40,000,000

Electricity bill ksh 60,000,000

Storage services ksh 3,000,000

Transport ksh 2,000,000

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