Ababu Namwamba Hosts a Party

The Foreign Affairs CAS Ababu Namwamba hosts a great party for his little son in his home in Karen this is great. The colorful celebration held at the politician’s Karen mansion was fit for a prince. The former Budalangi legislator shared photos of the Spiderman-themed celebrations on social media. Dressed in a Spiderman T-shirt, the young boy smiles with delight, looking at the cake decorated with webs and spiders. From the photos, Namwamba went an extra mile to ensure the celebrations were memorable. They featured a bouncing caste, plenty of food and drink for the guests, a live band, and a performer donning the superhero’s suit. This is great when fathers are present in their children’s lives and they support them by ensuring that their basic needs are met, their joy and happiness are still there in life.

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