Are you ready for online dating?

online dating

We as humans are naturally social beings and nothing is more social as having a romantic relationship with someone whom you love share a lot of thing in common. Online dating has opened up a whole new chapter in the dating universe. “Will I find the one for me?”. This is the question most people ask before joining an online dating platforms, do they fine the so called “The one”?.70% of the people of the Kenyan who have tried online dating have deemed it unfit and suggested that the online platforms to be revoked of their service licenses. I know what you are thinking, “ooh this is too hush”. The big question is, “why?”. Here are some of the reasons to justify this aberrant allegation;

The first step to online dating is creating a personal profile on a dating platform. This data will be used to help you match with another person of the same qualities, likes, hobbies and other individual qualities that you share. WARNING this same data can be used to locate you physically, hack your accounts be it be email or any other social accounts and is some cases to blackmail you.

  • Data theft
  • Fake people and Identity impersonators

57% of the people in online dating have been found to be scammers. The highest percentage of the 57% being of people who lie for fun, followed by married men and women, closely followed by fraud stars and finally miserable people who opt to find partners with higher life qualities than they themselves have.

  • Dating platforms have malware/Viruses

Dating sites are notoriously known for having viruses which may harm your device and in some extreme cases erase and steal data from your device. This may include your bank details and other personal details.

  • Perverts and other sexually immoral people

Some people join online dating just for sex and not to find life partners or even to engage in a relationship. While interacting with these kind of people conversations turn to be very uncomfortable because they only talk about sex, sex and sex alone.

These are just but a few but critical reasons why majority of the people avoid online dating. But if you are going to join online dating be careful and take precautions in order to avoid these scenarios.

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