Does Spraying Tomatoes affect Consumption


Tomatoes being one of the major cooking ingredient they always provide good taste in food, but we never understand the processes the tomatoes undergo before they are brought to our doorsteps and our markets. They are planted by farmers in the different farms in the country,they are sprayed with insecticides to kill the small insects that bring harm and destroy the whole plant.In the recent years we have witnessed the deaths of some high-profile Kenyans due to cancer. As a result, the statement “Farmers are killing us with chemicals” has been on the tongues of many people. So, are farmers truly contributing to these deaths? To better understand this let’s dive into the chemicals that farmers apply on crops and the possibility of them indirectly poisoning human beings.

Crops, like human beings, get sick and require nutrition. Therefore, farmers use various chemicals, either organic or inorganic, to control diseases, minimize infestation and improve nutrition. Chemicals used in crops are categorized by the organisms they control or nutrients they provide. So, we have insecticides to control insects, fungicides to control fungal infections, herbicides to control weeds, bactericides (although not common) to control bacterial infections. We add fertilizers to provide nutrients to crops to supplement what is available in the soil or other growing media used. The truth is farmers use the different fertilizers to ensure that the tomatoes are in good state for human consumption.

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