Eggs prices on rise affecting poultry sector


One of the most essential products is Eggs ,Consumers are paying more for eggs as supplier prices shoot up. The following has come about due to the novel Corona virus that has affected the economy. Eggs which had dropped to 280 per tray in April are now retailing at 360 Kenya shillings. Shopkeepers are now selling an egg for 15shs or two for 25shs.

The Kenya Poultry Farmers Association chair, says the decline in supply was caused by both reduced imports and a cut in production locally. Moreover  due to the Covid-19 disruptions, large production farms have opted to scale down their activities.

“When the containment measures were put in place, farmers had surplus and they could not sell it anywhere. Most of them were forced to scale down Kenya has been getting more supplies from Uganda. But the government moved in last year to seal loopholes that allowed for the illegal imports at the border to curb flooding of the local market. The cheap eggs were pushing local farmers out of business.

Ms Kariuki warned that the cost is expected to rise further in the coming days. As the shortage is projected to continue for a while given that many farmers are yet to fully restock their layers. The situation could also be worsened by the high cost of feeds that have gone up to Sh3,700 for a 70kg bag. From Sh3,300 in a span of one nearly a year. This is an increase of 400 kshs. With the virus not yet dealt with, people may panic and rush to restock making the price worse. It is not only in Kenya where the egg prices have gone up.

Agricultural experts describe the price increase as a lesson in supply and demand. There’s only a fixed number of eggs available on any given day. You can’t squeeze an unlimited number of eggs out of a chicken. It can take months to buy more hens and build more coops for them.

Some retailers are purchasing double or even six times their usual orders of eggs. Says Brian Moscogiuri, a director at Urner Barry and an analyst covering the egg and egg product markets. To try to keep eggs in stock, some stores are limiting the number of egg cartons customers can buy.

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