Elsa Majimbo offers Confidence Course

One of the biggest stars to emerge from 2020 is South African- based Kenyan Elsa Majimbo.

The Instagram and YouTube sensational literally caught the world’s attention with her infectious laugh.

In a year that the world was rocked with uncertainty and anxiety, Majimbo’s hilarious videos offered entertainment and joy for millions across the globe and continue to do so.

With an Instagram reach of over 2.3 million following the 19- year old has attracted some of the biggest brands like Fenzy and MAC.

Despite rejection from her fellow Kenyans, she has been making inroads into the international space and has received recognition from the world greatest public figures and companies.

Majimbo is surely flexing and has now decided to tap into her huge fan base.

Aware of societal problems like lack of emotional dependence, Majimbo has offered to train her followers on confidence building.

Taking to her social media pages, she invited interested followers to apply for a confidence course worth Ksh200,000 per hour.

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