Faith Mumo Tops KCSE with 433 marks

Speaking on a phone interview on Thursday, April 15, Mumo noted that she did not give up revising even when she was home during the Covid-19 break.

“I’m very excited and I must say that I did not expect that something like this would happen. I have been revising and my father has been encouraging me to get 460 marks and above,” Mumo stated.

ot of people are having head damages and it is very hard to see that,” she added.

She encouraged candidates who did not attain good grades not to give up and asked them to always focus on the positive effects rather than the negative.

“Don’t think that because you did not perform well, you will not amount to something in future. Keep praying to God that He will offload that burden,” she said.

 On his part, Paul Mumo, the candidate’s father, acknowledged that she was a hardworking student who followed a strict timetable that helped her revise and do other home chores.

“We were expecting her to get 450 marks and above but that does not matter because when we saw that she had scored 433 marks, we knew that the exam was a bit difficult,” he said.

She was followed  by Wesonga Nanzala and Muriithii Angel Gakenia who tied with 432 marks.

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