Huawei Internet Connectivity in 2021


Huawei supports four times higher network bandwidth and user concurrency compared to Wi-Fi 5. And only Huawei Air Engine Wi-Fi 6 incorporates 5G-powered antenna and algorithm technologies to slash network latency — down from 30 ms to just 10 ms — eliminating any dizziness from the VR/AR experience. This enables wireless 4K HD conferences, resulting in zero packet loss during AGV roaming.

Huawei Air Engine Wi-Fi 6 Ranks No. 1 globally (excluding North America). According to Dell’Oro Group, Huawei is a leader in the Wi-Fi 6 market. With its Air Engine Wi-Fi 6, Huawei took the lead in deploying the industry’s first enterprise-class Wi-Fi 6 network in Shanghai as early as 2018.

Since then, they have been installed into large-scale commercial use across countries and regions such as Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa, China, and India.

This includes industries such as airports, wireless cities, academic institutions, test classrooms, research labs, Fortune 500 offices, retail, tech firms, manufacturing, BFSI and many more can attest to it as a solution leader in the world of internet connectivity.

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