Increase use of Electronic Devices in Kenya

Electronic Device

We live in a world where most people are working from home as compared to working from offices and this stay at home directives has generated exceptionally high demand for home office equipment’s Prospective homeowners have also used the time to brush up on their plans for their dream homes or complete ongoing projects. Interacting with like-minded people helps you to test how new technologies can be adapted for your business, gain new business leads, and expand your networks. In a nutshell, bouncing ideas in a non-judgement environment. During the lockdown, I attended virtual learning events. The lessons I learned are what I have used to adapt my business model, create new service offerings, and even expanded my business to take advantage of several opportunities available.

The initial lockdowns were the most severe with full closures across multiple industries. Global logistics and shipping lines saw delays and vessel shortages, respectively. At The Design Gallery, we dealt with this challenge by being constantly in touch with suppliers and customers. Now, most manufacturing activities have since recovered and are ramping up to pre-Covid-19 levels, enabling on-time project fulfilment. But the impact of the pandemic has increased the pace with which our industry is going digital.

Leveraging video conferencing, screen sharing, and presentations, has enabled the furniture and home interior sector to collaborate with clients and suppliers and created cost savings. Of course, there are still those clients who prefer face to face contact and where they can physically touch the products they are considering purchasing them .

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