KBC journalist attacked by thugs at her home

KBC journalist attacked by thugs at her home

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation Senior Video Editor Betty Barasa who was murdered by thugs will be buried on Wednesday at her home in Oloolua in Ngong in Kajiado County .

The mass and burial ceremonies will be held in compliance with the Ministry of Health protocols.

So far, no arrests have been made in connection with the murder of Mrs. Barasa.

The family has called on the investigating agencies to expedite the process and bring the culprits to book.

Betty was shot dead inside the family’s Oloolua home shortly after returning home from work.Inaddition to that

The motive of the killing is not known.

The gang of three is said to have accosted Betty at the gate before leading her to the house where they held her family hostage.

The gang members are said to have demandAs investigations into the murder of KBC journalist Betty Barasa continue, it has emerged that the deceased was few weeks shy of defending her postgraduate thesis.

led money from the family, and when their demands were not met, resulted to harassing their victims.

Gunmen behind the murder of KBC video editor Betty Barasa were on an assassination mission, police have said.

The well-known journalist died of a single wound to the face by an AK-47 or other combat rifle on Tuesday night last week in Oloolua Ngong.

The killers wore heavy industrial gloves and balaclavas, her husband Geoffrey Barasa said.

The men who killed Betty were in constant communication with unknown people over the phone. After Betty was killed, one man said on the phone the mission had been accomplished, “tumemaliza.”

DCI boss George Kinoti was to visit the crime scene on Sunday and generate as much public attention as possible. Detectives have been on the scene since Tuesday night.

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