Kenyan First Movie aired on Netflix.

sincerely daisy promotion

Netflix has been one of the greatest entertainment platforms for so many years greatly known for movies and series without forgetting, theatre, and acting. The Creative world has really evolved from the past years in terms of scripting, acting, writing skills which is a huge step in our generation, with so much zeal and anticipation the Kenyan film known as ‘Sincerely Daisy’, which is a movie is directed by Nick Mutuma, premiered on Netflix on 9th October 2020.

The center of the one and a half-hour long movie is Daisy (Ellah Maina), a talented urban girl who has big dreams of being an actress after excelling in her Form Four examinations. Things get difficult for her when she is not selected to be the lead in a play, she loses her boyfriend to her best friend, and her parents struggling to pay for her tuition for university in Beijing, China. This is such a great move and we hope to see more of the African creativity and acting skills going global.

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