Knowing your worth is powerful

know your worth

Living in a world full of dictatorship from parents, teachers, siblings makes life so boring , People tend to tell you what you’re supposed to do all the time, there is no freedom in ones personal choice, life preferences, society tends to tell you how you should dress, what career path one should take. So many young people are depressed all time because they are inclined to do what they are told and not the things they are passionate about this is really sad, you find that some people cry in the offices because they don’t love their jobs, children drop out of school at a very young age due to low self-esteem issues, lack of motivation towards them, they are doing things that make them feel miserable .People can dictate you but you yourself have the power to choose what is best for you go with your zeal, passion and what makes you happy. Never feel invisible because you have allowed society to dictate you level up and follow your zeal and passion when your know your worth you will add tax .

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