Media Personality Amina mourns loss of her granny

NTV Media personality Amina Rabar mourns the loss of a Grandmother Amina Rabar mourns the loss of a grandmother.

I recently lost someone dear to me and it has been a tough couple of days.

My grandmother meant the world to us. She always had the funniest responses to my random questions about life so blunt & honest weh! My dearest Ako, baba nagaa fud. Waqi Janatul Firdaus asikenu. Afan ken dhurile akdhansa dhubachu imbeku amo akmale sijalada.

I have learnt so much from her!! I have grown into the woman I am today because I had a strong woman like her guiding me and rooting for me always. I am forever grateful I got to call her my Ako. Our Matriarch. I already miss her dearly.

Losing a parent is painful but losing a grandparent you we are close to its very different.

We lost her due to complications with the vaccine. We tried everything to save her, but Allah loved her more.

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

For all those experiencing loss in these tough times, take heart…it shall be well.

PS: She was 91 in this picture, we have good genes” reads Amina’s update.


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