Nana Gecaga makes parliamentarians angry.

Nana Gechaga

The parliamentary committee on tourism were forced to reschedule their meeting after a recent failed inspection on the KICC. They stated that they had been poorly treatment by the KICC management headlined by the CEO Nana Gecaga.

They had to wait about 30 minutes before she showed up and when she did was casually dressed despite having being briefed by the National assembly clerk prior to the meeting. Ms Gecaga is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece. She had earlier been appointed to serve in the international Congress and Convention Association–African chapter (ICCA) as the deputy chairperson for a period of two years. During her tenure as the Managing Director at KICC, Nana has been at the top of all major events including #TwendeRussia, #ChomaNaNgoma

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