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Google believes in technology’s ability to unlock creativity and create opportunity, but that there is a duty to equip users with the tools and resources to make safe choices online. Google also understands that; There are clear gaps in children’s knowledge about risks online and Many children lack digital skills and the critical ability to gauge the safety and credibility of content and relationships they experience online. Therefore, this reflects a need for much more widespread digital literacy opportunities that can both safeguard and empower children.

With this in mind, Google has partnered with LakeHub for a virtual Roadshow on Online Safety and would like to invite you for the Online Safety Virtual Roadshow that will run from 9th to 14th November with 3 sessions daily as shown below;

Sessions at Lakehub
Session 18am – 9.30 am
Session 210.30 am- 12 noon
Session 32.00pm- 3.00pm

Data Bundles will be provided for the participants who will be attending. Upon completion the participants will also receive an E Certificate.Lets end cyberbullying signup see you there.

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