Report on mensconference19

kenyan men conference

The just ended men’s conference was one of a kind. All gates were open on Wednesday evening and it ended on Friday evening. It was a wonderful experience where men for once shared their experiences on how life is hard for the “boy child”. It was proposed that there was a need for more male mentors and more men with youtube/Instagram channels discussing issues affecting men was raised. Joe Muchiri, Andrew Kibe and Jalang’o were applauded for the good job that they are doing for the boy child. Other issues raised included:

  • How to be goodmen for oursake.
  • How to keep your money with you #nowomennocry
  • How to make it in Kenya.
  • How to take care of your emotions. #nomorelovetriangles
  • How to avoid suicides #helplinewassetup

The meeting was closed with a word of prayer from Mr.Atwoli.

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