Financial Crisis in Moi University Students

moi universtity

Moi University is one the best universities in Kenya. It is located in Kesses, Uasin Gishu county. Having a very solid motto of “Foundation of Knowledge” and has made great impacts in Kenya such as producing famous people in different fields in Kenya.
However, it has continued to face many challenges and among them is the issue of the financial crisis. Due to this many students are forced to study more than the usual four years. They are forced to study for up to five and six years. Many students are complaining about Helb  delay claiming that it is not fair to them since other universities complete on time and are employed at an early stage.
The main cause for this delay is the high population in Moi causing the university to take three groups in one semester instead of four. This causes the other group to go for a very long holiday of up to eight to one academic year. The recent problem  on the Delay in Helb funds has made so many students sleep hungry and have difficulties in carrying out their studies. Basing on this the memo written by students leader is seeking for assistance basing on students who are starving this is so sad we hope that students will be assisted.

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