Digital Transformation

Digital transformation game plan involves following a clear roadmap and guideline. Most companies tend to respond to major competitive market pressures, and this makes then focus on short terms goals and objectives Despite this so much work is still needed to achieve the overall goals, the bad thing about short term goal is there are celebrated for a short time but having long term goals is more effective since this pushes people to work harder and put in so much effort to ensure a smooth transformation process.

When tackling and dealing with digital transformation, companies need to think of technology this will set them up for success in the long-term benefits. Digital transformation is a based approach, so it is critical to understand exactly which areas need attention and restructuring. In addition to that, customer experience focuses on good provision of customer service is a key element of transformation game changer most companies focus on it to ensure organizational structure, company culture and technology are aligned towards provision of best service are delivered to customers.

Digital transformation game plan is a call antidote to major customer service issues, forcing organizations to scramble in order to find more coherent ways of doing business and connecting with customers. As organizations create their digital strategies, they need to evaluate the entire customer journey to understand why customers are looking for more immediate engagement and support. They need to determine what digital technologies, innovation solutions the businesses should invest in.

Customer journey mapping is one key element, and it uncovers a major critical hotspot that thoroughly needs total attention. In order to address major customer issues companies have set up contact centre, call centre, customer support agents who can solve customer issues virtually with ease, they provide customer manuals and guidelines, respond to customer queries and emails .Identifying what the customers’ needs is important it fosters quick and fast solutions since one is able to make a clear diagnosis of the problem and provide quick solution Use of virtual chatbots really help since it is not a must for one to go to the company to get total assistance this increases good customer experience for the company.

One of the key strategies of digital transformation is preparing your infrastructure. Surrounding yourself with committed, hardworking and dedicated experts. People with different professions are really important here, professional leadership such as  Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Officer , Chief Digital Officer  and other  brilliant creative specialists like Specialists  database adminstrator,programmers.As much as the team has brilliant people it is so important to conduct training sessions on different things for example new product launch, new software updates, new company regulations this will make it so easy for them to adapt and help in carrying to the digital transformation effectively. No matter how they want to take advantage of digital technology enablers such as social, mobile, cloud, analytics or the Internet of Things, companies should have plans that will help support new channels and use the data at their disposal in a way that helps them achieve their business goals.

Identify smaller, more palatable steps towards digital transformation. By making incremental, actionable decisions that will drive toward longer-term goals, businesses will be able to thrive in today’s digital economy. 

In digital transformation Cyber security of Ecommerce Systems and Financial technologies is a key aspect. Security is often considered important but not given the priority this could lead to breaches in the system. Given that the digital changes many software and cyber incidents are most likely to happen therefore these security problems are common in business systems and there is need for data security and privacy to ensure there is no security breach that may disrupt business operations. Teach employees to have strong passwords and normalize not to save the passwords anywhere. Implementing use of Virtual Private networks in the offices will be of great help when using the public Wi-Fi. Companies should ensure that all its connections are encrypted this will be so hard for an intruder to gain access to the system and get companies data. Incorporating Ads blocker will be able to reduce bugs generated from the internet this will ensure there is no traffic where there is transmission of data.

Creating company policies that support digital transformation to ensure that employee resistance to change is not encountered, formulation of company policies should be inclusive to employees, introduction of new culture, system changes, role changes, should be communicated, so that they employees beware of what is happening this will help motivate them embrace the digital innovation in a company.

Form a research and development team for digital transformation systems this will really be of great value since it will maximize the usage of the available technologies. Forming and creating the different systems for digital transformation initiatives will ensure the functions and uses are promising to the clients. Sometimes, technology can stay stagnant because the growth is at a quicker pace and it can go obsolete as time grows. With the presence of research and development the enterprise the team will be able to stay up to date of demands in the market and provide innovative ideas and solutions. Creating integrative digital solutions that can be connected to the digital systems will be of great help it will reduce cost, it will ensure time efficiency, reduce system maintenance that needs to be carried out every time.

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