Technovation program for girls.

technovation girls

Technovation, is a global technology entrepreneurship program for girls that invites participants over the world to learn how to use technology to solve real-world problems. Participant teams develop mobile apps that target a specific issue or problem. Since the program began, over 15,000 girls in more than 100 countries have participated in Technovation, using their apps to address a wide range of issues. Due to the Covid pandemic, the learning was interrupted and now that school have opened we hope to continue with the program with ideas that the girls had on different ideas.

Technovation also provides a curriculum that guides them through the development process and teaches them the skills they need to build and market their app. There are lessons in programming as well as on pitching ideas, and developing business plans. Technovation also has volunteer mentors working around the world to help teams navigate the planning, development, and submission processes. The whole curriculum works together in support of the program’s larger goal to help girls become tech entrepreneurs and leaders.

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