The glow from body shaming.

body shaming

Body shaming is one of the major issues that is affecting our generation. It has called the false and negative perception of your physical body as a person. Shaming begins with the words one is told by his or her friends, parents, and other people, for example, you are being shamed about your body size, your body structures, the way they are not perfect, some people tell others oh you ain’t pretty u do not look good, ur an oversize that is bad.

The words people say have a lot of power towards people’s life, some bleach their skin because they feel they are so insecure about themselves with the worry of what will people say. This is bad, a big example is young girls on campus who are forced to fit in in groups and bad companies so that they can have a sense of belonging. They tend to look for older men called sponsors so that they can be funded with money that will buy alcohol and feel good about themselves as they will be able to luxurious assets such as wigs, bags, sprays that when they walk around they feel they belong somewhere. 

In addition to that, Social media was created as an online community where we can interact, share business ideas but why is it that so much body shaming on twitter, Facebook youtube, Instagram why can’t people support each other it is so sad and frustrating to see a mere parent body shaming a young girl, a young boy forgetting that they have their children at home this is so sad, needs to stop some even use abusive descriptions.

Body shaming brings depression, anxiety, bad eating disorders, towards peoples lives people do not see their value in themselves anymore, it makes people feel like they are unworthy, undeserving,body-shaming also causes depression among people, and in most cases is in children this is so bad to see a young child going for counseling, going for therapy, and going for antidepressants this is so bad.

 As a young girl, I want to be the voice to those people who suffer from body shaming, be a reminder to them, that they do not need anyone’s validation for them to be perfect, they are of worth, they are beautiful, they are valuable, there is much power that they have that no one else can embrace, it’s not about the body there is much more what about the dreams they have, which they need to focus and chase them. I believe we are all enough, we deserve to shine, never forget that no matter how brutal and abusive words that people use towards you can one make a difference, do not listen to narcissists people who will turn you down this is sis, always to remember that the future is female and we can embrace ourselves. In conclusion, everyone is beautiful, valuable, and deserving made in the image of God lets stop body shaming people.

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