The insincere fight against drought, Turkana gets hit again!!

Turkana drought

Drought is a continually occurring phenomenon in Kenya and unless the county and National government is sincere in its efforts, then people are still going to suffer from the consequences of drought.

It was more evident this year due to the long rains. The affected counties include; Baringo, Moyale, Marsabit and Turkana. Turkana is however the most hardly hit by this menace.There have been reports that more than 20 individuals have lost their lives as a result of hunger.

Headlined by the Deputy president, the government has stepped up its reactionary efforts to control the situation. Dr. Ruto while speaking at the Harambee house said that the government had released 2 billion for food and water supplies for the residents of the affected counties. He also goes on to say that there is sufficient food and there is no cause for alarm. The DP also added that the government is better placed to handle drought effect compared to the previous years.

Kenyans on twitter under the hashtag #WeCannotIgnore posted their concerns and the actual images depicting the situation on the ground so that the government could act swiftly. This hashtag was powered by the Scribes 254 a group of media persons. Blame was mostly directed to the respective county governments and their leaders.

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