Are you a leader or a boss?

leader vs boss

Leadership is one of the great aspects in life whether at work or at home .What separates these two is the character each of them portrays for example ,a boss drives people but a leader is that person who coaches his team just like in football the players are guided with various guidelines and they are able to follow.

A boss thrives fear when people see him they become afraid but when people see a leader they see enthusiasm, and greatness.It gives them the argue to associate with him freely .

A boss might knows how it is done and might not show you but a good leader paves way for you to learn how it is done and shows you.

Most bosses use their employees to benefit the organization this is so sad they overwork their staffs yet all they know is you signed a contract but a good boss develops his employees he is able to motivate them shows them support as they grow in their career.Whenever he sees better opportunities he is able to let his or her employees go for them.

Most bosses are demanding ,commanding but good leaders are pacesetters they give deadlines on work to be done in a respectful manner and they have good communication skills.

Lets be leaders with stewardship and not bosses who use commands you might mistreat someone today but you never know who will be there for you may be that’s your life saver.

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