TSC is set to employ 95000 new teachers.

tsc teachers

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is set to employ 95000 new teachers over a five year period. TSC is going to spend a huge amount of its Ksh114 billion budget in its strategic planning to employ the teachers. Part of 82 billion set aside for this process will be used to employ 10000 interns from next year up to 2023.

By 2023 there will be a shortage projection of 61,671 teachers for secondary and 34941 for primary schools. These shortages are as a result of the rapid enrollment in schools and the establishing of new schools in line with the education sector enrolment. Mrs. Macharia, the CEO of TSC added that the uptake of Competence Based Curriculum (CBC), free primary and secondary education and the 100 % transition from primary to secondary would continuously raise the demand of teachers in the coming years.

Following the shortage of teachers some school have had to employ unqualified teachers in order to meet the capacity. TSC aims to change this by providing strategies that will optimally utilize the available resources these will include; use of alternative modes of curriculum delivery, hiring on part time basis and also formalize the internship programs.

Education Cs, Proff. George Magoha further added that the commission being the largest public employer in the country cannot afford to operate in an environment that is not well structured and planned and so the government will be making effort to ensure that there are adequate teachers.

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