Top Student In ACCA Interview

What did you do to perform this well?

A lot of reading and prayer got me this grade. I was top ten in class from form two onwards; I was in the choir from form one, which took up a lot of my time. I realized I would need to put in more effort and be on my toes to pass. So when I joined form two, I put in more work by asking teachers a lot of questions, catching up on my notes, reading extra hard etc. I had to learn to manage my time.

What was your secret to performing well?

I was the kind of student who paid a lot of attention to my teachers in class, this therefore made it easier for me to understand my studies. Nonetheless, my study routine involved; studying mathematics during my morning preps, languages during my lunch break if I had no other commitments, and all other subjects during night preps. During the entertainment time on weekends, I would either attend group discussions, or read my CRE as it was a compulsory subject for us.

I loved sciences, they were really captivating and my strongest subjects. I didn’t like Physics that much though, I was so amused when I got my results and I had an A in it.

What was your source of motivation to study hard?

The desire to obtain a better life ahead.

However, my mother was my strong source of motivation. As a single mother, and me being the only child, she sacrificed a lot to see me get here.

What profession do you want to get into?

I want to study medicine so that at the end of the day when I see a patient go home, I feel I have contributed to their happiness.

I am looking for a scholarship in this field so am not sure which university I will study at.

Why did you choose to study CPA?

I learnt that having one paper is not enough in this competitive world, therefore I thought to study a CPA course to add to my medicine paper. Having a CPA would add to getting administrative positions later on in the medicine life.

How are you finding Strathmore so far?

Strathmore has robust people, who are really interesting. Dr. Jim McFie is a very interesting lecturer, not forgetting all other lecturers.

I am learning to be responsible and independent, to read hard on my own, and to keep good company. Aspects that were not featuring so much in highschool.

I am waiting for the Strathmore Chorale to call for auditions then I join, I sing alto voice.

What plans do you have for your next 5-10 years?

I will probably be doing my medicine course as it takes 6 years to complete before interning, then specializing. I hope to specialize in cardiology.

What would you advice highschool students on performing at their best?

Know what you want and what is important to you, and work towards it. Don’t let people around you deter you from doing your best.

Compete with yourself; if you better yourself and be the best person, then you are a winner.

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