Jubilee Vice Chair Murathe is defended by Babu

Murathe is accused of using his authority to influence an irregular award of a tender to Kilig Limited that was to supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to Kemsa.

Chen Chao, a Chinese national, who is also a director of Entec Technology Limited, which was to supply the PPEs, told the committee that he knew Murathe and his co-director Willbroad Gatei as owners of Kilig.

The Jubilee Vice-chair defended himself before the house committee saying he did not supply anything to Kemsa and went on to say the owners of Kilig are associates of Deputy President William Ruto.

“I am not director of Killig, I did not get a contract with KEMSA and I did not supply to KEMSA.

“Kilig is a company owned by people associated with the DP Ruto, they approach people who can finance through the lawyer & and transfer the company to the new owners,” said Murathe.

According to the Jubilee Vice Chair, he got zero benefits from his association with Kilig given that he was only a bank guarantor and that no delivery or invoice was made to the firm.

He questioned the committee why the amount of money linked to his involvement was Kshs4bn yet Kilig submitted 50,000 PPEs worth only Kshs9m as samples and no invoice was paid.

Murathe stated that he was a signatory to Kilig Ltd bank accounts to guarantee that Entec Technology as the supplier of the PPE kits would be paid upon completion of the procurement process.

He told the house committee that his role ended once the supply of PPE was cancelled.

Heated exchange ensued after Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino constantly interjected fellow committee members who were interrogating Murathe.

According to Babu, Murathe is innocent since no supply or invoice of goods were made.

He went on to add that an intention to commit a crime is not a crime therefore Murathe should not be incriminated of any wrong doing.

At one time, the committee chair Hon. Nassir, Abdullswamad Sheriff threatened to kick out Babu Owino from the session.

Hon. Babu Owino defended his stand during the proceeding saying there was no Kshs4bn awarded to Murathe and therefore Kenyans need to know the truth.

In his final remarks, Murathe lamented how media headlines linking him to the Kshs4bn tender scandal dented his image yet no supply and invoice of goods were made.

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