Twitter opens its headquarters office in Ghana

twitter HQ

Twitter is one of the largest social media networks in the world. It has officially opened its headquarters based in Ghana. Not only that it also aims to expand to other East African Countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and also South Africa.

Let’s leave South Africa out and focus on Kenya and Nigeria. It’s clear that these two countries have their own share of troubles, brought about by poor governance and laws that are likely to scare off big corporates like Twitter. Especially the taxes, that’s the major reason that tweeps online are giving as to why Kenya and Nigeria were skipped.

While this is true, Kenya’s tax regime is not friendly at all, this argument overlooks one very important thing, what exactly was Twitter after? Speculation aside and since we are yet to get an official explanation from Twitter (I doubt we ever will), we can use the public information we have access to, to understand Twitter’s move.

From journalist, researchers to curators, and a few more. While the company has announced they will be hiring an engineering team, those positions are yet to be made public. Interestingly, all the job openings already announced have one thing in common, they target the West African market, specifically Nigeria.

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