Zora program on citizen television

Zora is airing on Kenya’s Citizen TV the new program cast includes Sarah Hassan and Jacky Matubia who were famously known as Tanya and Jolene, of the show Tahidi High. They are both beautiful actresses who are familiar to many Kenyans since they perfectly executed their roles in the show.

The program starte Monday, 22nd March and was set to replace Maria, the show that has had many Kenyans talking for the past two years.  It airs on Citizen TV from 1930hrs to 2000hrs every weekday (Monday to Friday). The fun fact about this new program is that it is also produced by Maria’s producer jiffy production who are owned by Lulu and Rashid.

After the award-winning show, Maria, fans expect nothing less than perfection on the new show. Could Zora be it? Will it be able to have Kenyans to their screens like Maria did? Well, all we have to do is wait and find out!

A short clip of the show that was shared by Lulu Hassan on her Instagram page has caused a stir online. Many are very curious and cannot wait for the show to finally kick off. From the short video, the show is expected to be a roller coaster of emotions.

On the premiere of Episode One on Citizen TV, we first encounter Ryan Mwenda who plays the role of Simba. Simba happens to be the son to Zora. He causes problems and mayhem to wherever he goes in the ghetto. Zora tries to condemn him on the bad doings but his grandmother is always on defensive to him and even incites Simba that when Zora was growing, she used to be worse that him.

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